Want to be the fanciest at Christmas dinner? Try this 5 min style and tell your relatives you woke up like this!

All you need is a little Wax Blast 10 to hold your hair, and make it flexible so you can move your hair but not lose control or feel too sticky.

And if you look... no fly aways!

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Hair Hacks:

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Top Knot, don't Top Not.

First, how to Knot.

Then the basic top knot. Use Powder Grip to create soft texture and control, literally tie a knot over a high pony tail, wrap, pin, slay.

For more volume twist sections using Powder Grip 03. then pull apart to make them appear bigger and your hair more voluminous. Wrap, pin, slay.

Finally, get fancy and leave a section out and braid as desired. Create your knot, wrap, pin, and then wrap your braid around for a more intentional Top Knot look.