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Finding Purpose, not at Work

I don't know about you, but I love what I do - however hair is not my "purpose". And in an ever shifting industry like beauty, with a wave of brand new Gen Z hairdressers I'm seeing a lot put on salon owners or leaders that frankly isn't their responsibility. If you need your job to give you life purpose that is 100% on you, not your employer

If you do what you love, and it does give you purpose, that is AMAZING! I opened a salon and that fulfills me for sure, as much as it challenges me. But it is my purpose to help people and my community and i do that through my business.

That I opened.

On my own.

And if you are able, then you should do it too!

If work isn't your purpose I also 100% get that! I always say the salon (that I own) should be what funds your life, it is not your whole life. For some it's church, family, friends, travel, or charity that give them purpose; but to require an employer to give you purpose is just not fair.

I think that part of why so many folks are going independent or in suites, to find their own purpose and their own lifestyle; and I respect that! But don't do it out of spite or because you want to believe your employer is "toxic".

Do it cause you've got the nuts to do it, and do it your way!

What is purpose anyway? I think so many of us get hung up on our life's purpose, that we end up doing nothing at all, or something we hate. When it's not that complicated, it could be as crazy as becoming the biggest female CEO in history, or equally as important to raising a family.

No purpose is greater than any other, and I think society (and social media) have made it where we all have to be boss babes or wear the exhausted hustle lifestyle as a badge of honor.

When its just simply not true.

Your life purpose is was resonates with you, and you only.

Stop comparing, in fact, stop looking at other peoples shit. Get some tunnel vision on your own shit; and live the life you want to live.

With permission from no one.

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