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How-To 'I woke up like this"

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The request I get the most as a hairdresser is, "whats the easiest way to style my hair?"

The second most asked question is, "whats the best dry shampoo?"

I have the answer to both of these! PRODUCT!

There are products out there in the world that make your life easier, and I'm talking walk in the park easier. The real issue is what is meant for your hair type? The answer to that question: ask your professional stylist!! They know what you need, because in a world where 'everyone is different' so is everyones hair! And the pro in your life knows best!

I know what you're thinking by the time you read this line, "I have so many products already."

Did you know the average person has 10-15 products in their cabinet; and did you know the average person only needs 3-5 products. My people this includes your shampoo and conditioner!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but the real fact is you have too many products because you're guessing. Would you guess what medications you need without going to the doctor? No, because you wouldn't know what the hell to get!

Let me tell you about 2 products that EVERYONE can use! Yes yes, all hair types!

Redken's One United is designed to please all hair from fine to thick, and hello this one bottle does 25 different things including moisturize, detangle, protect from sun, ocean, pool water and the heat from your blowdryer. All you have to do is spray it in when your hair is clean and wet, comb through.

The next product is No Blow Dry, and let me tell you its 'No Big Deal' see what Redken did there? It comes in 3 strengths for Fine, Medium, and Course hair! After you put in your haircare (One United) or whatever you prefer maybe youre an Anti-Snap kinda person, you then layer in your NBD on your damp detangled and and let it dry.

Thats it!

No Blow Dry does all the work. I like to put it in then lay my hair where I want it to live all day, and by the time I eat breakfast, get dressed, put my lashes on, and drive to work my hair is done!

What this product does is smooth and control your cuticle to lay flat to avoid frizz, add control and shine! It won't make your hair straight, or change the wave or curl, but it makes it look like its under control, and youre the boss! (of your hair at least!)

The first half of the video shows how One United and NBD work together for the perfect air dry! (my hair is medium, wavy, and dry) but you can see how it looks like I 'did' it!

Now for the second half of this journey; Dry Shampoo.

I want you to take everything you know about dry shampoo (or what you thought you knew) and throw it out the window.

Ok ready to know the dry shampoo secret.


I know, I know, take a deep breath. Now bear with me cause I will tell you how this works. But first let me ask you something; do you wear deodorant? If you dont, do you know how it works?

You shower, dry off, then put on deodorant; this prevents you from getting stinky. Some even prevent you from sweating at all. Thats how dry shampoo works.

Clean your hair, condition, towel dry it, put your haircare in, protect from heat (or air dry using NBD) Once your hair is clean, and dry then apply dry shampoo at the scalp! Boom dry shampoo prevents your scalp and hair from getting oily and dirty.

So once your hair is clean and dry, put in your dry shampoo spray or powder (whichever you prefer) rough it around a bit, then go! Or curl/hot style how you please. Not only will you get more time between washes but it will make your style last much longer!

I love Redken's Pillow Proof tinted dry shampoo for 2 reasons.

1. it also masks my grays

2. the scent is not only heavenly but can be reactivated simply by touching my hair

Redken's Dry Shampoo Powder 02 has charcoal in it as well that can also detox your scalp and keep you smelling fresh as well, its all about preference!

Combine these two techniques with these products make your morning easy, and your hair head turn worthy! And you can say "I woke up like this." (insert sassy emoji here)

So watch the video below for a visual on how to use these products, and how my hair dries with them; and even how you can add a little bit of NBD to dry hair for extra shine and control if you still have a little frizz from the pillow or the weather.

And dont be afraid to get creative! You can put NBD in wet and braid hair for a beach look, or use a head band for a simple slick back look. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know if you come up with creative ways to use these products!

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