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Quick Hot Tip Tuesday

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Hate frizz?

Need more hold but no crunch?

Don't know what product you need?

Here's a jump off point! Redken products have a numeric value on them, 01-32. This is a scale to compare to water which lives at 0. The higher the number the stronger the product!

In this video we did some basic curls away from the face, and to avoid frizz and keep a maximum hold we chose Triple Pure 32 Hairspray. Super strong but a neutral smell, spray it onto your brush (soft bristles are best for this technique) after spraying on your soft bristle brush, brush the product into your hair.

After a few strokes reapply to your brush and start a new section. Not only will this soften your curls but also ensure your product gets onto your hair evenly and gently. NO CRUNCH!

So remember, the hold is determined by the number on the can, but you can control the crunch using this technique! Watch below, share away!

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