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Cheap Shampoo, Makes for Cheap Results

As a professional cosmetologist I think I can speak for most (if not all) cosmetologists, and colorists when I say, it is so frustrating when salon guests use store shampoo on their hair. If you have ever spend 2-5 hours doing someones hair, whether its a correction, blending, or any color service; to only find they come back with ravaged locks die to store products I know you're with me.

Take the above example, and then add in the salon guest calling or texting your the salon to complain that your work is shit, and they want a refund.

This is the reality we live with. People think we are trying to sell them products when in reality we are trying to make your life, and out life easier at home and in the salon. And to be completely frank with you- we make like $1 per item we sell. So the motivation is to keep your hair intact not to line our pockets. We want you to love your hair, and your hair to love you back; that is why we want you to take home high quality products. We also don't have time to fix the damage done by store products, when a salon guest books a regular or maintenance appointment.

So, I took this time, to create this (long) video. It explains the ingredients (which I think I spelled wrong in the video tbh) what the ingredients do, where you can find them in other house hold items, and why professional product is better.

And if we can keep it real- if you do buy professional product make sure its from a licensed salon. I don't have the time here to explain to you the diversion that happens online and in some of your favorite stores; but if you're reading this and don't know what diversion is Google "Beauty Diversion." I also highly recommend the documentary on Netflix "Broken" the episode about beauty and cosmetics goes in depth about diversion, how unsanitary it is, and how it supports sweat shops and under paid workers, and very poor working conditions. So thats your homework if you don't believe me that your professional product that comes from your favorite online store in 2 day shipping is a fake. (there are even disclaimers on these sites saying they are not responsible for the contents of any bottle)

And while I'm here lets lay it down - support your stylist. We may not make a lot from your shampoo purchase but the money generated from salon sales go towards stylist education, and supporting the small business in your community to keep its doors open. How is that bad?

So without further delay, I present to you all the reasons to stop using store products.

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