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My First (not quite) Walk Out

I’ve wanted to start a blog for personal therapeutic reasons, and here we are with some warm tea to spill (it was hot last month) but folks keep asking so i feel like its still relevant. One of my closest employees not only quit my salon, she tried to stage a walk out and recruit people to leave; even tho all i ask for when i hire folks is communication and honesty.

I am well aware salon owners and all small business owners for that matter don’t want employees to leave, and as much as I get it you cant fault people for wanting to grow differently, or for wanting their own thing. In my opinion, you can fault them for their behavior and personal/professional conduct. This was probably one of the most slimiest situations I have ever professionally been in.

I say one of, because I work nationally doing hair, including beauty and fashion shows and if you know fashion, its the cutty-est throat of the cutthroat areas to work in. So I am not new to plotting and backstabbing, this one was just personal.

As a creative person I always need an outlet to vent or express my emotions and writing is one of my faves. I took it here today cause my usual photoshoot, hair work, etc wasn’t cutting it. I wanted to get more out, and share more of this. Everyone has a walkout they say, but why does it have to be that way?

If you're reading this as a salon owner or even a stylist, I also want you to know you're not alone. And I want you to know, hard conversations feel like they are hard to have, but it usually ends up pretty easy. Don’t be a puss.

That being said, if you find a supportive boss and you do want to open your own salon, do it yourself. Don’t work off the back of others by stealing staff. Does your salon bestie wanna go with you? Sure maybe, and maybe thats a different story, but actively recruiting and stealing employees that the salon has built relationships with, and invested in is giving snake vibes.

Build your own brand, go out on your own to do it, and who ever follows you ONCE you’ve built is a person that believes in you, and has gone on free will; they will make the better employee.

I think the most shocking thing for me WAS how I reacted.

I don’t give a fuck. Byeeee ✌🏻

Sure I am frustrated with the logistics, and as any human would be, a little hurt cause I thought I had a relationship with these people. But surprised? Nah. These particular employees were disrupting my culture the most, and it took them leaving for me to realize the root issue. Which aside from the fact that they would separately complain to me and the team about each other, they were not on board and grew away with our staples of teamwork, kindness, and cleanliness.But I thought "everyone" hated their jobs or each other.

It was only them.

People Suck.

There’s a long history of people sucking, and I’ve built a business that can survive most things; cause I too have been around the block.

I truly believe in energy. And anyone who doesn’t want to work with me, I don’t want that energy. It’s ok to leave. But be an adult and leave, and leave some bridges intact.

At the end of the day the 5 other people who quit or were fired for whatever the reason it was, are going to empower you.

For 5 whole minutes.

(embeds Cardi B’s Miami here)

Salon owners, you too. People aren’t property. Do not sit inside your salon and tell anyone they cannot open their own business. No matter how hard it is, I promise other peoples ambition isn’t personal. Keep the door open, the conversations safe, and be kind.

You were a stylist with a dream to open a salon once too.

And those who ask me what I think or hope for people like this? I don't have the energy to think about them everyday, I hope they have the careers they deserve. Truly 🙏🏻

for the hotter tea on this event, listen to the companion episode below ⬇️ available on all podcast platforms

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